What is StudybayHelp in the UK?

So in order to better understand what this company is, it is easiest to describe it as a platform where freelance writers have the opportunity to receive requests from students and complete their assignment. To date, the educational process in universities or colleges is very complex and nevertheless requires a student to have full time studying and inclusion in all subjects.

Such requirements are not always feasible for students, and therefore, most of them usually use contact that company. Nevertheless, it is on this service that students have an excellent opportunity to save their time and nerves and get real professional help with the performance of a paper.


At the same time, if a student uses this service, it absolutely does not mean that he or she simply does not want to perform a task. This means that the students, on the contrary, are trying to get the proper level of education and go through the learning process as efficiently as possible.

In everyday life, students have different situations because of which they are unable to complete a task on time. This is possible for entirely different reasons, among which there may be too much load or a possible misunderstanding of some of the subjects. In case if students are faced with a similar situation, it is better not to waste time in vain and turn to this company in time and get competent help from professional writers.

Is StudybayHelp the best place to get essays?

Today, this firm is one of the most effective for writing an essay. Since this service focuses hundreds of professionals from around the world, who are ready to provide their services for writing work online at any time. Each of the students has a unique opportunity to choose the author of the work independently.

Thus, a student can filter all authors by price and make effective decisions. Nevertheless, the choice of an author should be approached very carefully. The fact is that the site may contain authors who do not have the proper level of training and cannot always complete the task on time. Though, the firm makes all its efforts to ensure that such authors are less likely to meet and make their proposals for the implementation of the work.


This is mainly achieved by the fact that after performing any work, the student has the opportunity to leave a review about the work itself, about the process of writing and concerning collaboration with the author. Thus, the better the author works, the higher his/her personal rating is and the more often other students choose him/her for their work. This practice is fully justified because when selecting an author, a student, first of all, reads reviews and can clearly see which author can write an essay in the best way.

Who is Studybay Help’s audience in the UK?

The primary target audience of this company are students of schools, colleges and universities. Thus, almost the entire audience of this service are students of various educational institutions who at multiple times face the problem of competent and high-quality writing of various tasks.

Today, this is absolutely not a surprising trend when students in the university increasingly turn to this firm for help. The fact is that some of them frequently have to additionally earn extra money to be able to pay for their studies. And with such a pace of life, not everyone will have time to explore a particular subject fully. And when it comes to writing any work on the subject, then the student doubts about its implementation.

Nevertheless, it is not worth wasting your time, and it is better to immediately turn to this firm and spend precious time on a competent selection of one or another author who is ready to do the work on absolutely any subject and with any degree of complexity.

There are also situations in Britannia when a student takes up work and stops at some stage. Or vice versa, the student initially read the conditions for writing a particular task and simply does not know how to cope with it. In both cases, the best option will be to contact this service and pick up a writer who will not only provide you with a unique essay but will guarantee the high quality of its implementation.

What kinds of papers can you order on StudybayHelp?

The most important advantage of the work of this firm is that it is here that the student can order the implementation of absolutely any work as soon as possible. Writers who are registered on this service are specialists of completely in different directions and with varying levels of training. Thus, no matter what task you are asked, the easiest way is to go to the site and leave a request and see how many authors are ready to do it.


After you receive hundreds of suggestions from various authors from around the world, you will be able to appreciate their skills and experience from reviews written by other students. Moreover, it is on this British site that students have the unique opportunity to order the following types of work:

  • Essays for college admission;
  • Writing assignments;
  • Do my homework;
  • Annotated dissertation;
  • Nursing papers;
  • Coursework;
  • Sterling articles;
  • Argumentative speech writing;
  • Academic papers.

How old is StudybayHelp?

This company has been operating in the UK market for more than a few years, and its representative offices are located in different countries. This platform is the leader among all companies providing services for writing texts online. Thanks to its excellent reputation, the company serves over 2,000 customers annually.

If we analyze the feedback on the company’s activities in the UK, it becomes evident that the company is very successful in its efforts in this country. Students have an excellent opportunity to collaborate with English-speaking authors who are well aware of how a unique and high-quality work should look and do not allow grammatical and spelling errors.


Due to the fact that a student has a unique opportunity to independently select a performer of a particular task, over time, authors with a good reputation and rating are increasingly beginning to help students from England.

In fact, this company operates globally. Its writers are representatives of many countries. In this way, the company helps students from all over the world use their services and fulfill the tasks they received in an educational institution with the highest quality and 100% uniqueness. Such an approach helped to ensure a high level of trust and reputation among students.

StudybayHelp guarantees

Naturally, a company of such a high level provides maximum guarantees to all participants of this service. Anyway, the fact that the company offers guarantees not only for students who order assignments but also for writers who perform them remains a weighty argument. For this reason, the company is so popular and stable.

Guarantees that the service provides writers

This firm always takes care of selecting only the best specialists in their field and therefore, they try to provide maximum guarantees of payment for the work to each author. Among the primary safeguards that the company offers to a writer, the following are worth noting:

  • Daily update of an extensive database of orders;
  • Guarantee of payment for work performed;
  • All activities of writers and students on this service are spelled out in the rules of work and must be completed by all participants;
  • The company guarantees the growth of earnings of writers in case of receiving positive feedback.

It should also be understood that for students, there are also many guarantees that really prove that this company is the most popular and useful for performing tasks online. Among such warranties, are the following:

  • 100% refund in case the work was not completed, or deadlines were disrupted;
  • The client pays only for the finished version of the paper;
  • Each paper has absolutely unique content;
  • Students have the opportunity to refuse to cooperate with one or another author in the process of writing;

All customer contact details are fully protected.

Is StudybayHelp safe?

In terms of security, the company performs its functions perfectly and provides both clients and the writers with absolute security of their data and guarantees of service quality. According to most reviews about this firm, we can conclude that there are practically no problems with the withdrawal of money.

Sometimes, of course, there are controversial situations, and therefore, customers have to wait a bit until they receive payment. Until then, the service must necessarily understand the situation between the customer and the contractor. Still, this practice is widespread, and in essence, it is only intended to protect both the writer and the student from possible negative consequences. Thus this business occupies a leading position in the market of services for writing papers online.

If we consider the company in terms of card payments and receiving payments, then the service’s website indicates that they cooperate with services such as card payments as VISA, MasterCard and Payoneer. This, in turn, proves that the company takes its customers very seriously and try in the most convenient way to allow them to transfer funds to their account and receive a return of their funds if necessary. Now you also know how to pay here.

Is StudybayHelp reliable?

It is absolutely reliable. The reliability of the firm is confirmed by the fact that the web site lays out absolutely all the explicit rules of the relationship between the client and the contractor. Such an approach helps the service accurately convey to both parties about the main points that should be present in their mutually beneficial cooperation. This step is intended to resolve all possible disputes and conflict situations.

The company annually performs a considerable number of orders around the world, and many students seek help from this company many times. Plus, the reviews about the company on the Internet are excellent, which once again confirms the reliability of using this service. Today, one of the leading indicators of safety is how the company regulates the issue of returning money to the client. And this service has absolutely no problems with this question.

The client may refuse to cooperate with one or another author and return the money to the account until the work is completely written and agreed. So many customers consider this company reliable as it does not withdraw money from the client until the moment when the work will be fully completed.

On the other hand, writers are also protected in this case. As soon as the work was written and transferred to the student for analysis, the countdown of 20 days begins. During the period, a client has the opportunity to check work for uniqueness and also to assess the level of its writing. If during these days, the client did not have any questions about the work, then the writer must receive the payment. Wherefore this service can be considered reliable both for writers and students who order assignments as they have a certain level of guarantees that causes real trust.

Where is StudybayHelp located?

To date, the company does not have a specific binding to a particular place. The fact is that the firm operates exclusively online, and hence the company do not necessarily should have offices in all countries where it provides services.

The most important thing is how the company provides its services and forms the attitude towards its customers. After analyzing the reviews about the company, we did not find any reviews that would say that customers are embarrassed by the fact that the company does not have a specific link to some particular place.

The presence of an office in one country or another essentially says nothing. The company absolutely openly positions itself and provides documents with the place of registration directly on the web site. Such an open approach to its customers is an indicator of an earnest company that does not hide any details.

Studybay Help’s online reputation in Great Britain

The company has an outstanding reputation in the UK among its customers. The fact is that this service helps a vast number of students to receive quality services at affordable prices. Such an approach that primarily takes care of customers helps the company to properly position itself in the market and receive the most positive feedback.

Among students in the UK, there is a particular part of reviews that negatively respond not about the activity of the company, but directly about the authors themselves with whom they cooperate. In any case, there is absolutely no fault of the service here.

The selection and approval of the author is the exclusive priority of the student. Therefore, if the client chooses the most minimal price offer, then the quality of the performance of work will be at the same level. As a result very often you can find information on the website of the company that the choice of the author should be approached very carefully. It is necessary to carefully study all the reviews about an author and make sure that he/she is the one for you to write your work.

In fact, choosing the author is not worth pursuing a low price. The first thing you need to pay attention to is that the author should have real experience in writing similar works and in his/her profile was full of reviews from other students about the successful implementation of a particular task. Such an approach helps students to save not so much, but on the contrary to be confident in the results of their work.

Where can I find genuine reviews about StudybayHelp?

To fully have the opportunity to evaluate the work of the service and read these reviews from real customers, you must go to the official essay website and click to the reviews section. It is in this section that reviews from real customers who have been left directly after the execution of work are stored.

Very often, you can find various, not trustworthy sites and forums where reviews about this firm are not favorable. Regardless, if you go deeper into the situation, there is practically no real argumentation of these negative reviews. Consequently, we can conclude that the reviews are written either by people who have never collaborated with this company or by competitors who are not interested in the company receiving absolutely all orders from students.


Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile to competently approach the evaluation of all reviews. It is necessary to make sure who leaves them where.

The company initially positioned itself in terms of the fact that a client must have an opportunity after work to assess an author and to write a review about him/her. It is in this way that the company is trying to clear its service from low-level writers and therefore tries to post all reviews from real users directly on its website. In this case, each of the new clients can always read about a particular author and learn the history of cooperation with other students.

StudybayHelp reviews on Reddit

The last reviews on this site were left by the authors who collaborated with this service. According to general impressions, everyone was satisfied and ready to continue cooperation. A significant amount of positive feedback from customers who also have no complaints about the site itself was not related to the company. In fact, a similar trend is observed on all more or less promoted sites. Again, do not take into account obscure sites or forums.

Is StudybayHelp a scam?

Today, absolutely everyone understands that if a company is really fraudulent, then it cannot remain long in the field of view of its customers. Most often, such a company works for a short time and then having scammed a certain number of people simply disappears with their money.

Albeit, this company has been operating on the market for years and has established itself as one of the best companies in the US and UK markets. Moreover, the company works with global payment services, and if they were fraudulent, then after customer complaints, its accounts would be blocked.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the company is very successful and has a good reputation among customers. The company tries to guarantee payments to the authors at the maximum and makes a 100% refund to its customers in case they require it. Accordingly, the company is absolutely legal and has never been involved in any fraudulent activities.

Are companies like StudybayHelp legal in England?

This company is absolutely legit and operates on the basis of a license. It is possible to quickly find the license and place of registration of this company on the essay writing service UK itself. When a company so openly demonstrates its documents and licenses and speech cannot go about something illegal, otherwise the activity of this company would have long ceased. In addition, there are no rules and laws prohibiting the activities of the company. By and large, the service is just a platform where writers have a direct dialogue with students and agree on mutually beneficial cooperation. In such a business, there can be nothing illegal because it is mainly about writing texts and help with studies.

Are there alternatives to StudybayHelp in Great Britain?

To date, there are a considerable number of similar companies in the UK market. On the other hand, if we compare the functionality of this company with possible competitors, then the advantages of this service are so evident that the company has practically no direct competitors. A similar situation has arisen due to the fact that the firm works for a long time in the UK market and has established itself as an excellent and reliable assistant among students. Thus the annual orders among students at this company have long passed over 2000 papers.

Why StudybayHelp is better than similar websites


In fact, there are many such reasons. However, it is worth focusing on the main advantages of the firm so that it immediately becomes clear why this company is top-notch. Among the main advantages of the service for both writers and students should be noted the following:

  • High-speed assignments;
  • A clear vision on how to pay for service;
  • Full refund guarantees in case of failure of the agreement between the student and the author;
  • Payment guarantee to the author for the work performed;
  • Ability to choose among a large number of offers at a price;
  • A student can independently select one or another author based on real reviews;
  • When receiving positive reviews, the writer automatically begins to receive more orders and accordingly increase their profits;
  • Ongoing customer support;
  • High level of work uniqueness;
  • A large number of English-speaking authors;
  • Absolutely transparent terms of cooperation between the author and the student;
  • Ability to cancel the order;

The possibility of making part of the payment for the work.

How does StudybayHelp work?


After analyzing the site of the company, you can easily imagine how the work of the service for students looks like. To make it easier to understand how the process of performing the task, you need to imagine this in the form of certain stages.

How to order

The first thing you need to do is go through the registration process on the web site. After that, you will be able to log into your personal account and fill in all the necessary information about the work and attach to the task all the essential training materials that the author needs to read.

Before the work has been posted, you need to understand how much it can cost. For this purpose, the site has a very convenient online calculator in which you can easily calculate how much your work can amount. After you have decided on the price, you will need to send invitation to all authors.

After the offer has been made, you will start receiving bids with different prices from the authors. At this stage, you definitely need to spend a significant amount of time and carefully read reviews about each author. Judging by the information we found on the Internet, the longer the students chose the author, the higher the likelihood that the work was unique and was done on time.

Further you have chosen a particular author, you will need to reset a request. As soon as the author confirms that he/she is ready to accept for your work, you will need to transfer the necessary amount of funds to your account in order for the writer to be able to start the assignment.

When the task is executed, you will definitely need to monitor this process and, if possible, make amendments and changes.

After the work is ready, you will have 20 days to verify its uniqueness and quality. Upon the expiration of this period, you will not be able to refuse to work or to require the author to make any changes.

If the work was written in time and you are satisfied with its level and quality, the money from your account will be transferred to the account of the writer.

How to find a good writer on StudybayHelp wiki

First of all, it is necessary to analyze in detail all the proposals that you received from different authors. Based on the reviews and ratings of each particular writer, you will need to make a choice. For our part, we can advise you not to choose cheap options, as according to reviews from other users, such options turned out to be very unreliable.

That being so the choice of a good author must take into account two main points, namely the reviews and the writer’s rating and the cost of doing the work.

This way, you can protect yourself from possible disappointments about the poor quality of your work in the future.

Reviews of StudybayHelp writers

To understand how to hire a writer, you need, first of all, make on request. Right, after the author has written the work in full one should upload it to the web site to check this work, and the student has a certain period of time for that. After the work is verified, the student will be able to leave feedback about the writer.

At this stage, it is essential for the student to leave an incredibly realistic review of the experience of working with a particular writer. Thus, other members of this company may eventually use the services of this author or, on the contrary, filter them. This is the best option for how to choose a good writer.

How to become a writer on StudybayHelp?


To join this service, it is necessary to go through the registration procedure and fill in all the required information about contact information and level of education and other jobs experience. It is vital to list in which specific areas the writer specializes in the best way. If you are interested in how long does accreditation take, the answer is simple from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

How to delete account

In order to understand how do I close my StudybayHelp account, you will need to log into your personal account. This procedure is carried out very quickly; however, if you have any difficulties, you can always contact the support service and ask how to use your account for that.

How StudybayHelp determines the best writers

The rating of writers directly depends on the feedback that the students leave after the work is done. The better the reviews, the higher the writer’s rating. According to the company policy, there are about 7 levels for which the author is moving up. In fact, these are the levels that show skill and level of knowledge. It should be noted that the higher the level of experience of a writer, the more expensive the cost of work. Nevertheless, reviews always help to choose a good writer.

Quality of customer support

In fact, the company is completely customer-oriented. The point is that the company undertakes always to guarantee customer support in various situations. This also applies to authors. There are multiple ways to contact customer support on the site. According to reviews of the support, the answer to such question as how much does StudybayHelp charge for service and commission fee comes quickly enough. Moreover, you can also ask them how to create StudybayHelp account, and they will reply in details.

StudybayHelp pricing for England

In order to get acquainted with the price level in more detail, it is necessary to go to websites that write essays for you using an online calculator. There you can enter your work data and get a price. So you can imagine how much your work can cost on average.

Also, a particular author can offer a price either lower or higher than the one you suggested in the application. The higher the level of the writer and the more positive reviews he/she has, the more expensive the cost of work may be. Nevertheless, the level of writing of the work itself will also be significantly higher than that of other writers who have offered a lower cost.

How much for an essay on average?

The approximate cost for writing an essay starts at 8 pounds. Nevertheless, each work has its own specific parameters by which the price may be higher or lower. In this matter, everything depends on the volume of the work itself and on the topic on which the work is written.


It should also be borne in mind that the less time to write the work, the higher will be the price. One need to understand that this cost is significantly lower than the amount of the same services on the competitors’ website.

How is the average order price calculated?

The cost of your work is formed on the basis of the number of pages and deadlines that you indicate on the price calculator. To learn more about the possible cost of your work, use the online calculator which is located on the company’s website.

Is it possible to cancel payments and refund money on StudybayHelp?

One of the main advantages of this firm is that the student can at some stage cancel the task. This happens for various reasons. In order to cancel order on StudybayHelp, you need to agree with the author on the termination of services and contact customer support. Next, you briefly describe the situation and the reason for the refusal, and also provide information that the author also agreed to stop doing this work.

Studybay Help’s Special offers and discounts

To date, there is a considerable number of coupons and discounts on this service. These coupons will be most relevant for those students who perform the task of a large volume. These coupons can significantly save money on writing a particular task. Try to look for promo code before the order.


After analyzing this company, it is safe to say that those positive reviews that are written about this service on the Internet are absolutely plausible. Moreover, having studied even negative reviews, we did not find any argued claims from the students. It is not surprising since the reputation of the firm in the UK is very high, and therefore, the result was expected.

Should I use StudybayHelp?

If you have any difficulties with performing this or that task or you just want to unload yourself at the weekend, you should definitely use this service and make sure that it is reliable and easy to use. In the future, you will be able to clearly understand with which authors it is comfortable to cooperate and continue to contact them throughout the entire training phase.